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"Visit to the Pottery Yard"

"Treetop Browser"

"Sun Conure Parrots"

"Joanne's Garden"

"Rescue at Depoe Bay"

"Tubac Pottery Shop"

"Laundry Yard"

Wanna Play
"Wanna Play"

"Young Northern Shrike"

"Blue Heron Fishing"

Early Spring Vermont"

Spring Cleaning
"Spring Cleaning"

Gambel's Quail, Early Light
"Gambel's Quail, Early Light"

ternoon Nap"

"After Renoir"

Quilting on the Front Porch
"Grandma's First Customer

Twilight on The Zambezi River
"Twilight on The Zambezi River"

"Autumn in the Ozarks"

Alaskan Gold - Chena River
"Alaskan Gold"

Pikes' Flower Market
"Pikes' Flower Market"

"Rita's Peonies"

"Big One Coming"

English Bulldog
"English Bulldog"


Little Screech Owl
"Little Screech Owl"

Greek Fisherman
"Greek Fisherman"
Barnyard Strutter
"Barnyard Strutter"


Moose is in Birch Trees
"Moose in Birch Trees"

"Backyard Bouquet"


"Daylilies & Flowers"


"Aspen Impressions”


"Hyacinth Macaws”


"Sunrise on Monhegan Bay"


"Wichita Botanica"


"At the Edge of the Woods"


“Old Taos Grocery”

“After the Rains, Sabino Canyon”

"Here's Looking at You"

Bahamas House
"Bahamas House"

"Scarlet Macaws



"Where's Lunch"

"Birch Fall & Barn

"Maine Morning"

"River Ranch”

"End of a Long Day"


“Morning in a Maine Garden”

"Another Spring"

Peaceful Night
"Peaceful Night"



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